Founder, Creative Director: Hiromi Araki
Designer: Sophie Cluzelle

Blanc Iris was launched in April 2012 by Hiromi Araki and Sophie Cluzelle in Paris.

Sharing a wealth of experience and a passion for creating jewelry, the pair took this new step forward as a natural matter of course.
Fine jewelry with images of chic, modern, and feminine rolled into one for sophisticated women. Daring designs that wake the heart with joy. Imagination set free beyond the limit of conventions. Jewelry with an uncompromising dedication to quality that even the creators themselves covet.

The ideals of Blanc Iris take shape through the creator duo’s encounter with artisans or more appro- priately, artists with a sincere, simple, and direct outlook on creativity and a keen eye for colors and forms born through the miracle of chance, and who delight in that process of discovery.

Blanc Iris jewelry is designed in Paris and crafted carefully at studios in Europe and elsewhere around the world according to the skills required for each design.

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